Tuesday, July 25, 2017

We don't always get what we want

Today I returned to the mad scientist.

I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit anxious this morning about what the day would bring.

I had to repeat the taste/smell and salvia test that I performed on Friday.  More blood was drawn.

Then came the crazy magnetic procedure.

I sat with my feet uncrossed on the ground, comfortable in a chair and my hands in a natural position. I had to identify a smell in the room (of course there were two things that I could smell but couldn't fully identify).  The Dr began by placing the magnetic wand near what I could call my left collar bone.  After each 'pulsing' series he stops and asks me to identify the smell, the percentage at which I can smell it and if is unpleasant, pleasant or neutral.  He moves it to the left collar bone are, then my neck and up onto different positions on my head. OK, so it's not the most pleasant thing to have done, it doesn't really hurt per-sa but oh my goodness is it STRANGE.  It moves the muscles in ways that cannot be fully described.  Don't forget after each pulsing I have to identify the smell, give it a rating and tell whether or not I like it.  Then the doctor moves the wand onto a muscle that must attach to the eye because I was the wildest thing I have ever experienced.  My eye being pulsed...I knew it was coming but my eyes wanted to tighten which just made it worse.  It doesn't hurt, it's just a very weird and strange sensation.

I’m not really sure how long any of the test/procedures last because this place is a time warp and time just seems to slip by.  All I know is that I arrived at 9:30 and was walking toward my Uber pickup at just after 1:00pm.

When I finished the chemical  and putrid/rotten smell had abated just enough for me to tell a slight difference.  After waiting for about 15 minutes I was back for my final round of taste/smell and salvia test and final blood work.  

Things are not always what we hope for or want.

This procedure did shifted things to the next stepping stone  but there is a long way to walk and much to uncover.  My body has taken a hit over the past six months without proper nutrition.  I have to begin to add back in specific nutrients that will help sustain my overall health.  I have to keep a daily journal about the foods I eat and the smells that I smell on a regular basis.  I have rate them just like I do in the taste/smell test.  I have certain ‘call in’ appointments with the doctor to ensure that  he continues to see the full picture of my health.  There is an oral medication that might help with this.  It comes with its own side effects so he doesn’t want me taking it anytime soon. He said over and over, sometimes this is not immediate.  Sometimes it takes days or weeks for people to regain their smell/taste.  

Of course I’m disappointed and deflated but deep down I know that healing takes time and there is still a light shining. 

I cannot see beyond the end of the dim light.

I cannot imagine what lie beyond the light but I will continue to move to the edge of the light believing that more will come {I have hiked in the dark enough with a headlamp to know while the beam only reaches so far that I can always where to plant my feet and that if I keep walking the beam will keep extending}.

Where are you being challenged to keep walking to the edge of the light that has been placed before you?  Take courage and take a step.


  1. Wow... I didn't know that this could happen and I can't imagine except through your metaphor of walking in the dark and the beam of light is all you see yet you know there is more... you are in my prayers for healing and continued courage. Peace to you my friend

  2. It would have been great if there had been a 'quick fix' for this but our bodies are so complex. Your description of the Mad Scientist is so vivid that I can see him, I can hear his soft voice. While the magnet test may seem weird to many, I have always believed that our bodies are energy fields--think about when you stand near a person who is raging mad and without looking at their faces you can feel that rage, anger, frustration. Perhaps the magnets will work and your body will respond, slower than we all would like because it's been such a long journey. Just know you're not alone--many of us, along with the Holy Spirit--a divine energy field--will be there with you. Love to you.