Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Little hearts


Actions can make you feel as though your soul has been wrapped in warm, weighted blanket.

Actions can gently begin to stitch the woundedness within your heart back together so that your heart beats a bit stronger.

Actions can eradicate the feelings of timidity and replace it with a bold, courageous stance.

Actions can take an ordinary day and transform it into moments of deep laughter and bring complete strangers together

Simple actions have the power to change and move the soul.

The action of love that came in the form of gift certificates when I was barely able to hold my head up because my heart was breaking in a million pieces in the reality that I was deeply missing Emma on Christmas Eve brought tears streaming down my face.  My sweet congregation had no idea at the time that we weren't just going to St. Louis for a week, but that I would be staying there until Emma was well enough to come home.  The gift of generosity gave us the ability to purchase items that we needed for our stay in St. Louis but beyond that it gave me the gift of tending to my soul and my physical well being.  The action of love that came in the form of gift certificates allowed me to sit behind a pottery wheel allowing the coolness of the clay remind me that as I was working to mold something new that God was molding me into a something new. God was taking the messiness of our lives and creating something beautiful and a vessel with purpose.  The action of love that was presented in the form of a gift certificate gave me the ability to move my whole body, to stretch the muscles that had become so tense, and gave me a place to let the thoughts held captive in my mind run free as I turned up my music while exercising at Planet Fitness.   The action of generosity provided  my heart, soul and mind the place and space to be molded and shaped into a new wine skin ready for all that God wanted to pour into it.

The action of love came in the form of yarn that with each stitch had been knitted with us in mind.  Years have passed since we have seen our friends who made these incredible gifts and yet when we pulled them out of the box, we were immediately wrapped in a warmth and security.  Their actions reminded us that no matter how far we travel, no matter how much time passes, no matter where we are in the journey that God never leaves us.  The action of knitting reminded us that we might feel alone, but God's presence is always enveloping us, protecting us from behind and moving in front of us to light the way.

The action of love came in the form of cards and handwritten letters that brought encouragement.  Each tearing of the envelope brought forth laughter and pulled us out of the day to day that we were experiencing and reminded us that our circle was wide.  Their words brought to life the words that Paul spoke so long ago when he told the community to build one another up instead of tearing one another down.  Cards and hand written notes strengthened our resolve and helped us to look forward instead of clinging to the past.

The action of love came in the form of a long road trip  taken by both car and plane. Friends that helped to ease the pain of the loneliness, let the tears of uncertainty fall and held our hearts ever so gently.  Their presences led us back to peace and assurance.

Actions have power.

Actions of love don't just come from those we know they come from the least expected places like purchasing Girl Scout Cookies.  Laughter in helping 8 year olds do addition while purchasing a couple of boxes of cookies turned into an action of love.  The boxes were purchased, but the conversation was lively and towards the end a 5 year old with a beautiful spirit gave her heart away. She had these beautiful little heart berets in her hair and before I left, she said "I want you to have one of my hearts."  With the humility of a child she freely gave me one of her prized positions. 

Her action reminded me that God is constantly giving God's heart to us.  Freely and unconditionally, God reaches out to us.

Actions have power.