Wednesday, August 24, 2016


I've been thinking about tribes lately.

Tribes are communities of families (blood relatives) that are linked together through social, economic and/or religious commonalities.  Tribes consist of the people we choose to link ourselves with to build something greater; to conquer injustices, and to stand shoulder to shoulder with in times of trouble, heartache and celebration. These are the people who lift us up when we cannot go any farther on the path. Tribe members speak to the truth to us when, even if it hurts but then pours love into our being so that we walk in the hope that new beginnings are possible.  Our tribe are the people who are across the table from us when we celebrate life's most important events.

Tribes are important.

I am fortunate to have a tribe.

My tribe offers to take time out of their schedules to make a two-hour round trip  and then sit for another hour and a half in order to allow my teenager to be part of a very specific academic resource that is helping her to close the mathematical gap that has occurred due to a vision disfunction.

My tribe includes colleagues  that are willing to drive to me so that we can be pray, discern and create powerful worship services together.

My tribe are educators that provide a new beginning for a struggling, sometimes awkward, quirky teenager.

My tribe are people who pack the dance floor to sing, move and shout to the song "We are Family" at weddings.

My tribe offers words of hope, security and healing through lingering conversations that happen after a lunch meeting.

There is so much more that I could say about the tribe that I am currently standing among but the most important thing is I am part of a group of individuals who love as deep as the deepest canyon.  I am part of a tribe of individuals who are willing to climb the highest mountain in order to stand atop the summit and follows me into the valley so that I am not alone in the darkness.

Today, my prayer is that you are part of a tribe. I pray that  you have people that go to the ends of the world with and for you.  I hope that you have people in which you can say "those are my people."