Friday, October 18, 2013



It literally takes your breath away.

It never comes at the right moment in our lives.

It is always (no matter what the situation) more difficult than our words can fully articulate.

It brings out the worst and the best for loved ones as they navigate the curvy road of what is now their new reality.

I must admit that it has been a weary past week.  Death has invaded my life in a variety of ways this past week.  A week ago today my Aunt; whom I grew up right next door to until I left for college, transitioned into the Kingdom.  My Aunt's death wasn't a shock for 4 years she had been living with breast cancer.  And yet  her death has left a whole, a whole in my mom's daily routine.  A routine that included calling her to touch base with how she was and what her plans were for the day.  It was never a really long conversation and yet it was a touch stone.

Beyond my aunt, my week has been filled with hearing the news that one of Luke's former students from JPII had passed away, sitting with a member of my congregation whom was still grieving the death of his brother who died a few months ago and receiving the news that his youngest sister had been suddenly passed away yesterday and just this morning a dear colleague/friend (whom I've known since I was a youth and who I respect and care for deeply) life was changed as his soul mate unexpectedly died in his arms late last night.

There is a mourning, there are no words for those who are hurting and who have lost their touch-stone. There is merely a presence that must be had.  There is a presence of sitting and listening to.  There is a presence of just being with one another.

Today my heart is heavy, heavy for the many whose lives are so different than they were yesterday or last week.  My heart is heavy for the many who find themselves navigating a new road; a new path.

Death is never easy; it strips us of so much and leaves us with so many questions.  It leaves us longing for the cup to be taken from us.

The darkness fell in the garden, a deep deep loneliness that came to as Jesus realized that he was now facing a new and curvy road.  It was a darkness that led to a weariness, a loneliness and eventually to a cold tomb.  In its own time the darkness gave way to something new and different; to a resurrection.  A resurrection that offered a new road, a road that was still curvy but one in which was filled with light and love.

My friends and family today I am praying that as the darkness shrouds you in weariness and loneliness. As the questions rise and the night seems to lingers may you know that a light is being held out for you.  May you know that a new life will come and it will be filled with love and life.  May you know that in the loneliness that you will know that you are not alone.  We stand with you and for you here and our Alpha and Omega has walked with you and will go before you in this new curvy road.