Monday, April 28, 2014


Rocks are interesting.  

We spend time and energy moving them out of our yard, to create a smooth path for mowing.  We see the smallest rocks hitting our windshields and within a blink of our eye our glass is shattering in every direction.   Rocks become the metaphor for the areas in our lives that cause us to trip and fall.  For most of us the thought of rocks is something that causes sorrow and pain to rise within us.

This morning as I was out hiking a trail I have hiked several times before I began to notice all the rocks that were along the path.  There were the rocks that were just small enough, sticking up just enough to cause you to trip if you weren't paying attention.  I began thinking about all the moments in my life that even when I am paying attention I seem to loose my balance.  I lose my balance in just being present. I become so preoccupied with the business of leading that I forget that relationships always trump paperwork.  I become so tired that it's all I can do to sit at the dinner table and have conversation with the family remembering to ask them about their day, not making it all about me!  I forget why it's important for me to exercise and find excuses to do something else.  I don't pay attention to food labels and I find my body suffering because I am eating gluten which starts a whole viscous cycle.  It's the small things that get us off course even when we are paying attention.  

As the terrain changed and I turned the corner I had to take a large step to conqueror the rock that was before me.  In the swaying of the trees, in the cover of the morning midst I heard "step upon my Rock, for I am your strength...I am your hope...I am your rock".  

During the rest of the hike I saw each rock as an opportunity to literally put my foot upon the rock of Jesus.  As I placed my foot upon the rocks I realized that it gave me the opportunity to use a different set of muscles.  It was strengthening a different part of my core.  It was giving me a balance that was different and stronger.  

Each rock allowed me to see that there is One that is stronger and bolder than I....
              there is One that is able to take pounding of my sorrow and my anger...
              there is One that rolls the stones away and gives me a new heart every single day....
              there is One that is my foundation and my ROCK.

In the midst of the rain beginning to fall upon me this morning. I  was thankful for each rock and each reminder that I can step upon the Rock of my salvation and he will not be moved!  

What rocks are in your path today?