Friday, November 22, 2013


            Some days your path leads you through the fog and straight into the warmth of deep conversation.  The invitation and warmth to enter begins as you turn down the driveway.   The turn leads you to a sanctuary, to sit within someone's reach, to partake of the gallery of art that spans the ages.  A hand waves you forward and you find yourself turning the corner and feel full before you even enter.  As you step out of the car, your pulse slows because the invitation is so pure.  As you walk the steps you are  welcomed by the blessings at the door; the invitation to take off your shoes and be a part of the family.  

       The inside is filled with color.  The kitchen bar is filled with a variety of tea pots, all ready to be used.  There are a variety of vibrant colors, all pulling you in to a sense of home.  Fresh, plump, green grapes high on a pedestal waiting to be eaten.  Beautiful red, yellow and orange peppers sit in a large bowl ready for the next meal.  Red cherry tomatoes in a small bowl inviting you to make a fresh salad.  The kitchen is warm, colorful and always has a kettle sitting on the stove inviting persons to linger in conversation.

    The tea kettle whistles, the tea is selected and the hot water fills the mugs.   A bit of sugar is placed within the tea that is so gentling making the hot water turn into drink that will fill the soul.  As the sugar settles it is stirred with a beautiful silver sugar spoon.   The time has come to sit and breathe deeply.

     The tea mug that might look more like a soup bowl than a mug is placed on the stack of books that fill the table.  The books that much like the art that hangs on the wall tells the story of the  soul of the one that has welcomed you in.  The tea is warm and the conversation begins.  It is one of richness, truth, celebration and sadness.  There is something about having a proper cup of tea in your hand.  It is as though all time is lost when you are able to share tea with one another. Several hours pass before you have realized it. The fog that darkened the way has now gently lifted and light has been found.  

     The light of friendship, of sharing a meal; that while  extremely simple has filled the body for the task that still lay before us.  The lightness of not being alone in the journey was felt if for a brief second.  There is something about sharing a cup of tea.

Today there was love and goodness given and received as a cup of tea was shared.  A bond of friendship and family was felt.

Hugs given and a gentle squeeze of the hand to bid one another farewell for the time but to be joined again as the tea kettle awaits.