Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I've been thinking about wine a great deal lately.

I don't even really drink wine but I've been thinking about it a lot lately nonetheless.

There's two different stories that has really been pressing in on my heart and mind.

The first story takes place when Jesus was in Cana having fun at a wedding celebration. He was celebrating with everyone else in the village but then something unthinkable occurred; they ran out of wine.   After his mother sort of twisting his arm, he tells the servants to fill the 6 water jars to the brim.  It took a lot of effort for these men to carry these jars that each held anywhere from 20-30 gallons of water.  It wasn't like us just walking over to the facet and filling the jugs, it was so much harder than that. Filling these jars was a process.  They had to go to the well lower the bucket and then fill these jars one bucket at a time.  It didn't occur within a short minute; no it would have taken them some time to go to the well, time to fill the jars and then time to walk back.  This filling the jars was a process but then when they go back to the celebration a miracle; a transformation had taken place.  Water was changed into the sweetest most delectable wine they master had ever tasted.

The second thing that has been impressed upon my heart is when Jesus is talking to a group of persons concerning what it means to step into a life of discipleship.  He makes some obscure comment about not pouring new wine into old wineskins.  He tells them that they have pour new wine into new wineskins.  If they were to pour the new into a skin that has already been used then it will burst the seems and it will all come pouring out.  I know heavy stuff right.  But I've really been thinking about this new wine and new wineskins.

Both of these things are a process, something new and wonderful being offered and yet it taking time.  This sweet, miraculous wine tha  t is being offered is offered to me every day.  It's actually right before me but in order to taste it I have to be different.

God wants to create something new and amazing within me but I must be willing to accept it.  I must reach out and let it sink into my presence. If I really want a wholeness....a sweetness to flow in and through me, I must make some changes in my life.  I must accept the gift and I must know that it will be a process.

I can tell you today that this wine tasting thing is pretty good!  I'm drinking deeply of a wine that is rich with confidence.  I am drinking of a wine that is sweet in joy and love.  I am drinking from a wine that has been aged just right for me to partake of it's full clarity and wisdom.

Have you tasted of a good wine lately?  If not, give the wine that Jesus is offering a try.