Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I wouldn't call myself creative on any level.  

I actually tell persons I'm the only one in my family that didn't get a tactile kind of creativity.  My dad works with his hands, he's able to see beautiful items and shapes out of the trees that surround us.  My mom has always been able to take simple things and create a variety of items from beautiful boxes to handkerchief blankets.  My oldest sister is an artist at heart, she has always been able to see shapes, colors and textures and put them all together. My twin sister is one that takes a house and creates a home with beautiful colors, hand sewn drapery,  and warm touches.  

When I describe myself I always say that everyone in my family has a creative spirit. 

Then I have quietly (as if it's not as creative or note worthy enough) add that my creativity comes out in my preaching.  

Today I got to spend the entire day with Emma.  We were working on creating some Christmas presents for the cousins and grandparents.  
The 'craft' involved a couple of key steps.
1.Emma choosing a word that describes each of her cousins (which we did several weeks ago)

2.Emma choosing a font that we could use to cut out the word to put upon the canvas.

3.Us talking about the medium in which we would use in order to trace the font and cut it out.

4.Us talking about the colors for each canvas once the word medium was chosen. Which meant Emma taking the time to mix the colors to create just the perfect shade she was looking for...the perfect shade she could see in her mind.  

5.  Emma painting each canvas while I cut the words out of the specific mediums that we had chosen.

6. Us talking about the different 'extras' that would be added to each canvas along with the word that described the person.

In the midst of all of this Emma said, "Mom, why do you say that you aren't creative?  You are very creative.  Look at all that we are doing."  I just don't think that I'm that great at it. Painting, creating, putting colors together and pulling it all together is just so hard for me and I always look at stuff like Pintrest and magazines for my ideas.  I told her that I never considered myself creative until she came into my life.  Being creative was a way of spending time with her.  It was something that I could do with her, simple crafts that bind us together in time and simple pleasure.  Crafts allow us to laugh and share in ways that we don't always take the time for.  I liked creating because it gave me time with her.  

Today there was a mess in the kitchen and in the midst of the mess something creative was emerging.  Canvases that express heartfelt words for family were given life.  Yet the most important thing about being creative was time spent asking for Emma's opinion, allowing her the space to do the things she wanted, to hear the thoughts that have been rattling around in her head and to merely be together.

What part of you wants to look around and proclaim that everyone else has something to give?   How long has it been since you wrote your thoughts, doodled on that page, took a photograph for the joy of it?  When was the last time that you saw the creative spirit that you add to this world? May your voice inside proclaim: I am creative and wonderfully made!  May you know that the mess on your desk just may be the unique idea that brings people together.