Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Being full

"I am so full."

How many times have you said this as you pushed yourself away from the table?

We've come to think of fullness as a physical response of partaking in eating too much food all at once.   Even though I had dinner hours ago, as I sit in the comfort of my home; looking out of the french doors onto the porch that is illuminated by solar lights I am thinking I am so full and it has nothing to do with food.

I am so full.

I am full of thanksgiving.

There is a deep thankfulness within me tonight.  I have a friend who is quiet, so sensitive towards the needs of others that she always sees what others do not. She is a person of joy, when she comes into the room it seriously lights up with laughter and goodness.  My friend is not afraid of a challenge and always encourages others to rise to the challenge of accomplishing the things they thought were impossible.

This very special person that I am talking about is someone that has made an imprint upon my life; within my heart and soul.  On Monday, I turned 44 and as a gift to me this friend of mine texted me on Sunday night to tell me that she had hired her house keeper for the day to give my house the 'top to bottom' treatment.  She knows my schedule so well that she knew exactly when to schedule the cleaning!

This morning when I left the house, I knew that I would return to a clean home.  The house cleaner is someone that I know and I knew that she would do an amazing job but I had no idea to the extent of amazingness!!   Seriously, tonight when we walked through the door (it's rare that we'd all be walking through the door at the same time) all three us were ooh-ing and aah-ing as we walked through the house.  In every room there was a little surprise, the floor in the pantry cleaned and spotless, our pillows rearranged just a bit {she took all of our sheets off to put them through the laundry and then back on our beds}, the couch and chair cushions cleaned.  There wasn't a leaf unturned in our house today.

I've never had a house keeper.  

Only one other time in my life has someone come in to help clean my house and that was just over 14 years ago.  So, I had no idea one simple act could change a person's state of mind and the direction of her heart.  Tonight I was reminded that fullness has nothing to do with a physical reaction to the amount of food we've eaten but the emotion that comes when you are loved without a shadow of a doubt.  

Today I am so full.

I am so full because my friend loves me so much she knows what will bring joy deep within my heart and soul. 

I am so full because my friend loves me so much that she gave me a gift that wasn't about a material thing to add to my house but a gift of calmness. 

I am so full because my friend knew just how to alleviate my stress for a moment in time.

I am so full  because I was able to stand in a spotless kitchen tonight baking granola and no-bake cookies because I was so full. 

I pray that as you read this that someone in your life is pouring their love upon you in such a way that you are full.