Monday, June 20, 2011


Today as my family and I prepared to leave on our summer vacation (vaca as we like to call it) there was an excitement in the air.  We could not wait to get on the road and head towards our destination. This year our family vacation is filled with adventure and amusement as we spend the next several days at Kings Island.

Kings Island is a mere 5 hours north of our home and normally a breeze to travel to.  Today the journey was a bit different.  There were several points along our way in which we encountered traffic from work being done on the pavement.  We found ourselves crawling along not being able to cover very many miles.  I tried to distract myself my reading a new book but I found I was merely getting irritated at the delay.  I wanted to cover more ground, I wanted to move faster; I wanted to get to our destination. I do not know why I was in such a hurry; there was nothing on our agenda but getting to our hotel.  

We always carry maps (yes, old fashion paper maps that you have know now to read) in our cars.  When we stopped for a restroom break we figured out where we were and merely began traveling off the beaten path and eventually back to the interstate.  The simple act of moving calmed my spirit a bit.

Tonight as I sit in the comfort of the hotel I have been thinking about my journey with Christ.  It's so funny, God reveals something to us and we get so excited about walking toward the adventure that has been laid before us.  We do all the prep work and then we finally get on the 'road'  things begin to happen. What seemed like so much fun is suddenly filled with distractions or detours.  What you thought would simply take a few months to accomplish becomes clear that it's going to take much longer than you had hoped.

Sometimes it's not about accomplishing something it is merely our relationship with Jesus.  We are excited about the adventures that are before us as a disciple and then we get irritated when our destination of holiness seems so far out of reach.  Distractions arise and we find ourselves off the beaten path.  Yet eventually if we know how to read the map and take the time to see the full picture  we realize  that we can make our way back to the main road. Eventually we are back on track moving with swiftness and purpose to all that God has called us to be.

What does your road look like?  May your travels be filled with amusement and adventure as you continue to travel swiftly or as at a crawl.  

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lighting Bugs

Last night as the sun fell behind the horizon Emma was ready to catch lighting bugs.  I found a mason jar and of course punched holes in the top.  It was truly a delight to watching her run through the yard.  She was dressed in her night gown, flip flops and a sock monkey hat (yes, a sock monkey hat that we purchased earlier in the day and she fell in love with it. Even as I write this on Saturday morning she is sitting with her new favorite hat on her head).  The sight of her running through the yard after the fire flies made my heart sing.

Catching fire files isn't as easy as I remember but all at once we both began laughing at the sight of the two of us running through the yard.  Laughing at one another, laughing at the lighting bugs that seem to be out smarting us and simply laughing because we were enjoying the simplicity of the night. 

In the midst of our fast paced, scheduled filled world how often do we really sit back and enjoy the simplicity that surrounds us?  How often do we laugh until our belly hurts or smile until our face hurts?  More importantly how often do you take the time to just enjoy our family and the moments we share?  

I am so thankful for the sight of Emma running through the yard with her night gown blowing in the breeze, her flip flops flopping on the ground and sock monkey hat bobbing up and down with each step.  

What are you thankful for on this day?  What simple and yet profound joy and laughter have you experienced today?  Last night reminded me of the days of my sisters and I running through the yard while my parents sat on the back porch (more like landing from our kitchen door) all of us laughing and enjoying the long joyful days of summer.