Monday, July 17, 2017

Something new takes time

Yesterday there were four beautiful old trees on our property at church but today has a different view.

After worship, I headed out with a group of young adults for lunch and as we made our way back to the church property, the backhoe was being delivered and set into place to begin the tree removal this morning.   This morning as I drove around the back side of campus like I always do I was in awe of the one tree that had already been taken down. The grass that was so beautiful yesterday had already been crushed under the heavy equipment used to delicately remove the trees without disturbing the buildings. Tree limbs lay scattered over the property.

These are not tiny trees that they are uprooting these are trees that have their roots in the ground for well over 100 years.  Before we knew it, a second tree was down and covering our entire parking lot.
 The morning was moving quickly as the men worked with skill and precision to remove the trees that had to be taken down in order to ready the ground and area for our new ministry center.
We have known for some time that the trees had to be removed but that doesn't change the emotions of letting go.  Tears streamed down the face of one of our long time members as the trees fell to the ground almost as if in slow motion. As I watched her tears I was keenly aware of the many who have planted their roots here at Morton Memorial and have withstood so much in order to keep our community of faith a vibrant witness of Christ among the community of Monteagle.

We know that something new is coming but today the letting go is difficult. Our landscape has been changed and what lies ahead cannot yet be seen.

The promise of something far beyond what we can imagine has been set before us.  The view is different but our purpose and mission remain the same.  We have a long way to go before a new beginning in a new space will take place.    New beginnings take time.  The landscape of our lives will be different along the way and new perspectives will arise over the months to come.  There will be grief, uncertainty, a bit of frustration and a desire for it to hurry up and be over.  Just as the trees have grown over the years, we too are being shaped into something greater and more powerful than we can fully comprehend.

Our view is different today but our mission is the same.  New beginnings take time which and cannot be rushed.  In order for new life to come, there must be a letting go/a death.  Today we let go in order to await something new.

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