Sunday, July 29, 2012

A full bucket

We've been here on the mountain for a month now and what a ride it has been.  About 20 people worked together spending countless hours preparing our house for our arrival. The community honored us by an afternoon open-house to welcome us into the family.  Four members arrived at our doorstep the first morning to welcome us with a house plant and a gift card to the local grocery story.  Numerous members worked together at ten o'clock at night trying to get us back into our house after we locked ourselves out (partly because we didn't have a working key to the backdoor.

Now within the last 8 days we've been filled with moments that have made us feel like we are part of the family.  Last Sunday we joined a group for lunch at Pappa Ron's where we laughed and spent time getting to know our church family.  Tuesday we spent time picking blueberries at one of our member's homes.  It wasn't anything fancy...we simply went out and picked blueberries.  The Bradford's stopped what they were doing just to spend some time with us...they stopped mowing the yard...they walked away from the laundry they were tending too and they simply walked into the blueberry patch and spent time with us.

Reed treated Emma as if she was one of his grandchildren.  He held the branches for her and laughed with her as they stood in the middle of the patch.  We were fortunate enough to run into Kim and Tommy Colely  who were there getting some items for our church auction.  Everyone laughed and just embraced the time of picking blueberries.

I loved the color of the berries.....

Our buckets were filled to the brim....

I've frozen at least 4 cups, made blueberry cottage cheese/sour cream pancakes and blueberry muffins this week!

If that wasn't enough...the next day the Kim and Tommy brought me a bag full of freshly picked tomatoes.  I wish I had a picture because they were the perfect color and the perfect shape.

Needless to say I love tomatoes and I have eaten them with every thing I could think of.

We've had a horrible time with ants and today Reed brought me a pack of Terro, just because he overheard me talking about it.  A gift...truly a gift.

We were invited out to lunch once again with a different crew.  The Jackson's invited us to ride with them to Cowen and what a delight it was to just be with them.  They even paid for our lunch; again another thing to be thankful for.

It truly is the small things that fill my bucket to the brim.....
persons preparing your home
invitations to dinner
picking blueberries
fresh tomatoes
a Sunday ride to lunch
an expected meal paid for
pest control
cell phones that are filled with important numbers
family members who are willing to go the extra mile.

As the night turns to dawn what things are you truly thankful for?  What unexpected things have come into your day that have brought you a sense of being cared for and nurtured?  Where is your bucket filled to the brim?

Friday, July 20, 2012


I haven't been here in awhile and yet there is a pull to return and so today is the day! I guess I write for my own well being and the ability to hold on to the good more than anything else.

Yesterday we drove to Camp Hopetown ( Daystar Counseling Ministry's summer camp) to celebrate the week Emma had had at camp. Let me just say that Camp Hopetown is just that; a place of God's hope and security.  As we boarded the shuttle I began chatting with the counselor and when we found out we were Emma's parents his immediate response was "ahh.." We gently laughed but he stopped us saying: "She is so loyal.You do not see that it girls her age."  Loyal...that is a great word for Emma because she does love with a depth that others do not and she wants desperately for others to be loyal to her.  

As we arrived at Camp she was actually standing there waiting and watching for us.  It was a priceless moment because in the years past she has not been waiting for us.  She did not see us until we got off the van!

This summer's theme is "Fruit of the Spirit'.  Emma immediately took us inside to tell us about the 'fruits' she had received during Spirit Line.  One night they gathered together and everyone made a line and had to literally cheer on the person that wasn't included in the line.  E's peers chose joy, kindness and faithfulness to describe her.  It was as though she was beaming from having those words thrust upon her.  

Camp Hopetown always ends in a time of worship and a time of celebrating each individual child. Three years ago I had no idea that a counselor would be honoring our child in such a special way and I cried the entire way through.  This time I knew it was coming and was still stunned at the things that were proclaimed about our sweet Emma.  My heart was already full because several adults had come to us to really share some of the attributes that Emma had brought to the week.  As E's buddy stood her up and began to speak directly to Emma it was clear that E had made an impact.  The counselor ended her words to Emma by praying that she would never forget the peace that God has given to her this week.  

I guess I'm writing to simply remember the good.  

It all makes me wonder what fruit I am producing for God's glory.  

I am writing because I want to remember to be the 'Spirit Line' for those who have not found their place. I want to be the one that finds the good in someone else and proclaims that for them. 

I want to an example of loyalty for E as she walks through this world.  

Thank you Holy One for allowing us to connect to you! Thank you for producing fruit in us even we are not aware.  Thank you for being the Spirit Line of encouragement for us when the world seems so dark.  Thank you for words of anointing spoken over children.